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“The core of communications is building and maintaining strong relationships within your network.”

Shawn Patterson

Vice President, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Shawn Patterson Baker


Lending our voice 140 characters at a time. @AxonComms

First editing of human embryos carried out in United States Retweeted by AXON Communications

In a world first, @MountSinai & @SickKidsNews doctors performed a surgery on an unborn baby’s heart & saved his life Retweeted by AXON Communications

We're developing a #healthy corporate culture by focusing first on our #health! It's Day 16 in our @AxonComms @PrakticeHealth competition. Retweeted by AXON Communications

. @AxonComms bolsters team with new PR Director hire #medcomms Retweeted by AXON Communications

(Data) sharing is caring … or is it? - AXON…

“Creativity is at the heart of what we do at AXON. I love that when I come to work, every day is a different day.”

Annie Kim

Account Director, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Annie Kim


At AXON, we like to share our insights and experiences. From the latest medical findings to personal adventures, please check here regularly to find out more.

“I am energized by the ‘can-do- attitude, creativity and breadth of experience of our teams.”

Claire Williams

Vice President, AXON Zug

Claire Williams