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“The core of communications is building and maintaining strong relationships within your network.”

Shawn Patterson

Vice President, AXON Clinical Trial Services

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Lending our voice 280 characters at a time. @AxonComms

Today, we proudly launch the AXON Sustainability Group, supporting #communications to help organisations Plan, Activate, Inspire and Elevate through leadership in #sustainability. Let’s change the world 🌍together:…

Launch alert! Meet the AXON Sustainability Group – supporting your #sustainability #communications. Across your sustainability journey, our team can help you go from ambition to action to acclaim. Learn how in our new launch report➡️

Healthcare players at every level are vital to delivering a sustainable future, and #communications are a powerful lever to accelerate and deliver progress along the #sustainability journey. AXON's Lucy Hagger shares her perspective➡️

To help navigate effects of #COVID-19 and the ripple effect on #clinicaltrials and beyond, we have brought together expert opinions and timely insights, found here:

Now, more than ever, it's vital that we take the time to be kind to ourselves. As part of our #wellbeing programme – we are adding #mindfulness to our skillset. Benefits include enhanced attention, improved awareness and stress reduction. Look out for our blog!

Sam Barnes shares expert insights on engagement and visibility during #virtual congresses – and how to thrive in this new normal! If you missed the latest #MedComms webinar, the session can be watched below ⬇️ #COVID19…

“It is when we encounter the most difficult problems that we come up with the most creative solutions.”

Jay Virani

Account Director, AXON Clinical Trial Services

Annie Kim


At AXON, we like to share our insights and experiences. From the latest medical findings to personal adventures, please check here regularly to find out more.

“AXON’s uniqueness rests in the diversity and breadth of experience of our teams to develop creative solutions to healthcare challenges.”

Romina Oxborough

Vice President, AXON Clinical Trial Services


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