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The current paradigm to strive to diagnose & treat diseases early remains unquestionable. However, COVID has challenged this & left us with a growing crisis creating a #rippleeffect for patients facing delays to care. So, what can #healthcare providers do?

Research shows that employees require structured support when it comes to their #wellbeing. So, what can be done to ensure that #mentalhealth is part of a company’s overall strategic plan, with actionable commitment, rather than a one-off annual event?

Here at @AxonComms, we are passionate about making a difference in #diabetes. That's why, this #WorldDiabetesDay we're showing our support for @DiabetesUK #NailingDiabetes campaign by painting our nails blue!

The impact of #COVID19 on healthcare providers is high and continues to create a #rippleeffect of significant burdens. We take a look at the steps hospitals, provider networks & systems could take to help support a culture of employee wellness & engagement

It's clear that black & ethnic minority groups are hit the hardest by not just the physical, but the mental health impact of COVID. To start to right the wrongs of health inequality, society must ensure these groups receive the #mentalhealth care needed

One of the #rippleeffects of receiving & digesting so much digital information in 2020 has been the impact on mental health. We explore how the #healthcare industry can help to balance an individual’s needs and an organisation's aims during this period:

“It is when we encounter the most difficult problems that we come up with the most creative solutions.”

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