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“The past year has been a beautiful journey! From a morning commute through the gorgeous South Downs to the sea view from the Brighton office, working in a culturally diverse city has enriched my work at AXON and my life outside of work.”

“One year in! I’m proud to be one of the founding members of the growing Brighton office. I have enjoyed furthering my personal growth at AXON as well as supporting others through our unique learning culture.” Dr Vic Harvey, Principal Medical Writer

“I am honored to have joined AXON at the start of its journey in Brighton. Thanks to our supportive culture and infrastructure, it has been a great year working with fantastic colleagues from across the AVENIR GLOBAL network.” Dr Jayne Carey-George, Director #LifeAtAXON


Building on our diverse backgrounds and vast experience, we provide specialty healthcare communications consulting in:

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Clinical Trial


“I love the international feel of our business, working with people with very different approaches.”

Ralph Sutton

International Managing Partner, AXON

Ralph Sutton


Our unique approach helps our clients translate complicated scientific data into clear and compelling narratives for their target audiences:


Research that uncovers the real needs and delivers actionable insights.


Customized strategy for multichannel communication solutions.


Best-in-class creative solutions that achieve measurable outcomes.

“Real partnership means going beyond addressing our clients’ unmet needs and anticipating the next ones.”

Mario Nacinovich

Managing Partner, AXON New York

Ralph Sutton

Track Record

“AXON provides a suite of services that are very complementary for the work at hand (communications, PAG, website development). The team I worked with was very strong at developing relationships and keeping the project moving forward.”- Global Study Manager

Strategic Planning

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